Available Male Puppies

No male puppies are currently available but we are taking deposits for a litter of smooth coat tan & white shorties (expected in June) AND a litter of tricolored standard size puppies (expected in July). See details below...


NEW PUPPY UPDATE: We have two confirmed pregnancies!! Molly and Piglet will bless us with two litters of small tan & white smooth coat shorty puppies that will arrive in late June, 2018. They are both sired by Killian, our awesome Irish stud, who is the world’s sweetest and calmest JRT! These puppies will be small- about 9 inches at the withers and weigh 10-13 pounds. Now taking deposits for our wait list.

Also, its a little soon to tell for sure but it appears that Ruby and Finn will have standard size/long legged JRT puppies in July. These will be gorgeous tricolored puppies with smooth coats and excellent looks. The puppies from their last litter were stunning! Stay tuned for details.

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